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About Us

The Internet offers tremendous promise for health insurance professionals.

Norvax brings that promise to reality with a commitment to your success. Our developers are continuously working to find more ways to help you work more efficiently, slash waste and sell better.

We're the only company to partner with agents, brokers and carriers to provide an integrated set of the most powerful sales tools available:

Norvax provides the only integrated solution for all your sales automation needs. But these tools are also flexible and powerful enough to work separately.

You can embed the powerful Norvax quote engine in any website, and BrokerOffice eliminates the need for manual lead inputs by importing your leads directly from the quote engine and most lead providers.

And when it comes to leads, the #1 choice for high-quality health insurance leads is our sister company, ProspectZone. Never incentivized and collected only through its network of insurance-focused websites, ProspectZone health leads are genuine health insurance shoppers who specifically ask to speak with an agent.

But our commitment doesn't stop with the delivery of our health leads and powerful tools. Through our webinars, newsletters and CE-credit courses, we provide many online and regional opportunities for agents to hone their expertise and learn how they can improve their sales.

Our results-driven insurance technology, committed staff, and online marketing expertise have created a loyal client base of over 6,500 insurance agents, brokers and GAs.

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