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Drip Marketing

LeadMiner is the only email autoresponder built for the drip marketing needs of health insurance agents. It automatically keeps you connected with thousands of leads and prospects - while freeing you up to close your hottest prospects.

Customizable message

LeadMiner comes with prepared marketing content you can customize for your specific needs or messaging.

Customizable Message

Embedded personalized quotes

When integrated with the Norvax Quote Engine, LeadMiner emails can provide updated pricing quotes - personalized for each shopper.

You control the schedule

Send follow-up emails monthly, weekly or every few days. It's up to you!

Free CRM tool to manage contact database

Your LeadMiner package comes with a free copy of the BrokerOffice lead management system (valued at $1150!) to manage your lead marketing efforts.

FREE BrokerOffice

Valuable reports to track progress

See which leads opened the updated insurance proposals and track the success rate of your email campaigns to fine-tune your messaging.

Conforms to Federal anti-spam laws

LeadMiner emails provide the auto-unsubscribe feature and full disclosure required by the federal CAN-SPAM act.

Test drive LeadMiner now to see how it can immediately improve your closing ratios and ROIs.