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"I don't think there'd be any way I could go back to not using the Quote Engine. When you've got four different carriers, for example, that you're looking at, if you have to go to each one of those carriers and get quotes - and they're just giving you one particular plan design at a time - it takes forever. But with the Quote Engine you can just sit down, and literally, in 25 to 35 seconds, you've got all four carriers, and you've got every conceivable plan design. Our client will see all their choices, and then we'll help them narrow it down, figure it out and find the most advantageous program for them."
- Drew Reardon, Innovative Benefits Consulting

"Potential customers will always need an agent to help them figure out what they want, evaluate the options, and implement to solutions. Computers can't make the sale and build relationships, but they can help the agent have the time to do those things. Norvax saves me time. I'd rather be out talking to customers than stuck at my desk studying proposals! Before Norvax I either had to call in a request to a broker or use two or three company websites to quote. Then I had to spread everything out on my desk and compare it. OR ...I would just quote one company and hope for the best. Norvax saves you time! You can use that time to build relationships with your customers."
- Ron Bridges, Bridges Insurance Services

"I am able to do virtual presentations with prospects. My sales have doubled and I anticipate to triple sales as my new marketing programs start in March. I will be able to add agents and supply them with quality leads and the ability to sell business in a state of the art virtual office. The customers would rather buy on line as long as they have an agent to give good advice. The new agents will be able to sell over the phone/internet without being face to face (which is very scary at the beginning). Stay at least one step ahead of your competition, use Norvax."
- Len DellaRocco, Health Insurance Associates

"I used to be confined to one area of California. And now I can do business in all of California. My sales have increased and as well as my personal time. I now can do the same work in 3-4 hours versus 5 appointment days that usually were 10 hours. I use the phone and fax more by generating quotes online. What a great product. Most clients say it's the best website they've seen."
- Steven Garcia - quotehealthplans.com

"Now, quoting is quick, easy, accurate, and extremely professional. This has greatly increased my productivity and sales and has given me more time for appointments for other products, such as disability and permanent life insurance, where meeting with people is still necessary. I'm now able to generate at least 10 quotes per hour which used to take over a half a day. This not only saves time, but saves me money. Instead of paying a secretary or assistant to help handwrite quotes and make table, it's all automatic. Also, I don't have to worry about human error (which were frequent before). For my money, I wouldn't go anywhere else. The best investment I've ever made."
- Ed Lang, Lang & Associates Insurance Agency

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